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About Us

Environmental group that aims to preserve, explore & educate about the ocean around the Sultanate of Oman. Using Film & photography to bring to you the wonders of the sea while in your comfort of your home.

Founded in Nov 2009 by Nasser Al-Khanjari.

Why Sealegends

The Sultanate of Oman used to be a marine empire that was feared across the oceans. legends were told about the omani sailors that crossed the vicious seas of the world for trade from China to Africa. We aim to resurface the stories of these brave sailors who were legends across the seven seas, as well as protect our ocean that connect to the heart of every Omani.

Our Staff and Members

Nasser Al- Khanjari - Founder & Director

Founded Sea Legends that aims to protect Oman's natural heritage sites through preservation, exploration and education. environmental activist who engages others to protect and rehabilitate coral reefs that have been damaged by human activity. Owns Omanta Scuba Diving Academy which aims to increase the number of divers in Oman.